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MotorWeb Quarterly Update: Q1 2011

7 years ago

We aim to keep you informed of what's happening in New Zealand's second hand car market.

With 38,000 cars purchased privately in New Zealand each month, we're always surprised at how little information is available on the second hand car market. As New Zealand's leading provider of comprehensive vehicle history checks MotorWeb performs over 150,000 transactions every month and in doing so, we find out some interesting information that we thought we'd share with you.

The Numbers:

1 in 3 vehicles MotorWeb checked either had money owing, an inconsistent odometer or were reported stolen.

From Jan to March 2011, MotorWeb found:

  • 201 cars were reported stolen
  • 34,302 cars had securities registered against them (money owing)
  • 8,885 cars had an inconsistent odometer readings
  • 50,212 cars were imports
  • 818 cars were damaged imports
  • 15,329 cars had ownership alerts
  • 2000 was the average year of manufacture
  • 117,000 was the average odometer reading
  • 3 was the average number of owners

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