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How to Sell a Car

5 years ago

Here’s some tips to sell your vehicle quicker and get the maximum price.

There’s a lot of competition for vehicle sellers on sites like Trade Me, particularly if you have a common vehicle.  Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes for a moment.  If you are looking for a 2005 Toyota Corolla and there’s 50 to choose from you are unlikely to pay a premium, unless of course one of these sellers adopts our tips!

1. Get a Vehicle Information Report


The Vehicle Information Report (VIR) will show potential buyers that your vehicle is not reported stolen, doesn’t have money owing or a wound odometer.

Vehicle Information Report

We recommend including the unique URL for your VIR within your listing details so potential buyers can view it.

2. Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection


For only $110 you can get a Mechanical Pre-Purchase Inspection from your local VTNZ.

Mechanical Inspection

We recommend stating that you have had an inspection within your listing details.  

3. Get a new WOF


WOF 2013

A new WOF will provide further reassurance.  You might be able to get it done at the same time as your Pre-Purchase Inspection!


4. First impressions matter


Make the car look it’s absolute best

Trade Me has produced this excellent guide >


5. Spend time creating an exceptional listing


Trade Me Car Listing Guide

Image courtesy of Trade Me Motors

Most sellers will argue that tips 1 & 2 are the responsibility of the buyer.  However, in a competitive market, where buyers are time-poor, a small investment could yield great returns!

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