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How do I find out who owns a vehicle?

9 years ago

We¿re often asked if we can tell who owns a vehicle so we thought we¿d explain what we can tell you and what we can¿t.Car owner

In 2011 the Government restricted us from displaying names and address details for vehicle owners.  While great for preventing stalkers, it has made buying a car a little more difficult.

Our Seller Check service enables you to confirm the current owner.  What this means is if you enter the seller's details we will tell you if they are the current owner (technically speaking the ¿registered person¿).  

We offer a free Seller Check with each VIR sold.  If you enter the seller's licence details, we'll validate the licence and check whether they are the registered owner.

Worried about asking for the owner¿s details?

Simply explain to the seller that it is no longer possible to look up the owner without first entering their details. You're just being safe.

If they are unwilling to properly identify themselves then walk away; it's not worth the risk.

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