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Analysing a Car's Odometer History

9 years ago

As part of our Vehicle Information Report (VIR) we provide a history of odometer readings.  These are typically recorded when a vehicle undergoes a WOF or COF inspection.

The image below shows the three most common alerts we  display:

1. The odometer may have been tampered with and manually wound back

As you can see on the graph, following the dip, the odometer follows the same trajectory, just at a lower level.

2. A reading has been incorrectly entered into the Government┬┐s records

The graph shows a sharp dip followed by a sharp recovery.

This is the most common alert.  It occurs when the WOF / COF testing station mistypes the odometer reading.  This can be rectified by either:

  • If the original WOF/COF check-sheet has the correct reading then this can be passed to the NZTA and they will correct it
  • Having the owner contact the NZTA and ask for them to remove the incorrect reading (supporting documents required)

The NZTA can be contacted on 0800 108 809 or

3. The odometer has gone around the clock and reset back to zero

This is common for older vehicles which only have 5 digits in their speedo.  There┬┐s nothing you can do to correct the readings.  You just need to ensure you know the actual kilometers travelled if you are buying the car as this can affect the value.

Odomet Reading Graphs

If you need help interpreting an odometer just give us a call on 0800 668 679.

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