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Funny car-related searches

8 years ago

Google Search Example

Here¿s a selection of actual searches performed on Google.

One for the Psychics:


¿Good dates for pisces to buy a car 2013¿

Google¿s good, but not that good!


¿I¿m wanting to buy a car but is it stolen nz¿

I think the key phrase here is ¿financial stress¿


¿Help for stolen car that has been returned and now under financial stress¿

This search was so long Google had to trim it so it could attempt to interpret it!


¿If the warrant of witness for your is due and your car has had an accident should i do the warrant of fitness before repairs or.....¿

There¿s a website for everything...right?


¿My car has been repossessed what do i do co nz¿

Are they hoping that by adding ¿¿ they will come across the site:

Now here¿s an open-ended question!


¿Which car is better 1000cc or 1500cc?¿

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