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Car Buyer's Horror Stories

8 years ago

Horror story 1


I had my new car for two weeks and found out it had a cracked head. They lent me a car while they fixed mine. I left the workshop in the loan car with grease on my shoe, slipped off the brake and went up back of another car. I had to pay for both cars to be repaired!

Horror story 2


Tried out a mini for teenage daughter, we quite liked it, took it out on a test drive twice, did notice the car was always facing the roadway when we took it out but didn't think anything of it, almost bought it then thought my daughter should see it first.  She took a family friend on a test drive and that was when they discovered car had no reverse gear!!!! Lucky we had thought perhaps she should see it first because we were about to buy it for her.!!

Horror story 3


I bought a Nissan Bluebird, got told that the oil light was stuck, next minute the whole car seized, they neglected to put oil in it.... what a waste of 5k!

Horror story 4Lemon Car


I brought my current car off Trade Me thought it was a great price. The girl I brought it off was leaving to go overseas and said she wanted a quick sale. I got a MotorWeb history check to make sure there was no money owing on it. Three months later repossession agents turned up to take away my car! Nooo I thought I had got a history check check on it, turns out she owed a lot of money on the car and had skipped the country! I went and got my history check form out and rung the repossession agents, the loan people had put in the wrong number plate into the computer system. So when I checked the correct number plate there was nothing owing on the vehicle. So in the end the loan company said yes it was there mistake as they had mucked up at their end, thank goodness!!!! I'm so glad for my MotorWeb history check would never buy a car without one!

Horror story 5


We hit a rock - not much damage but the insurance company wrote it off and paid out half of what we thought we had insured it for (hence the pay out)...So we got a $3500 car paid in full. It came with all the papers for services, everything so we thought good deal. We had it a month and the motor blow up. We had no car and no money to buy one outright...we are back to paying off a car for the next 4 years!

Horror story 6


Got the car Monday and discovered the petrol tank had water in it so got that cleaned out then put new water pump and cambelt in it service picked up from garage on the Thursday.  It blew the head gasket on the Friday! It felt like a dream to have a car spent that I spent all my wages on and borrowed to get it done up -  nek minit...

Horror story 7


Mine was finding out that my new car was in fact two cars welded together!

Horror story 8


My first car I brought of a guy I thought I could trust lol it was a 1975 Skoda.  I jumped in it to drive off to find out it only went in first and reverse and was faster in reverse lol....


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