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Checking a Car for Money Owing - interpreting our reports

8 years ago

When checking a car for money owing we cannot always provide a definitive answer; sometimes further (human) analysis is required.  Here are the Car Money Owingcommon scenarios:

There is a security (money owing)

In this situation we¿ve matched a registered security to one or more of the following key vehicle identifiers:

  • VIN
  • Chassis
  • Plate

There is not security

We¿ve been unable to match against any of the above vehicle identifiers

There is a partial match

We¿ve matched against non-key vehicle identifiers e.g. past plate, make, model.

The most common scenario is a past plate match.  What often happens is people sell a vehicle with a personalised plate, removing the security, then purchase a new vehicle with a security and move the plate to the new vehicle.  While it¿s highly unlikely the vehicle you are checking has a security (bearing in mind the VIN, chassis & current plate don¿t match) we recommend reviewing the security details given in the report to see if there are any other commonalities.

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