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Bad Credit? Need a Car Loan?

8 years ago

Have you been rejected a car loan?   Often it's through no fault of your own, especially if you are a new immigrant or self-employed with little credit history.Aqua Cars

The good news is there are companies who specialise in bad credit car loans.  Aqua Cars is one such company.  Founded in 2006, Aqua Cars has helped thousands of people into cars, and in many cases helped them repair their credit history.  Aqua are rapidly expanding, with branches throughout the North Island.  Aqua pride themselves on their customer service; they have hundreds of testimonials to back this up!

As the name suggests, Aqua Cars provide cars as well as insurance.  They stock common makes including Toyota, Ford, Honda, Nissan & Mazda. To help manage ongoing vehicle costs Aqua offer an additional package which covers WOF checks, annual registration, servicing as well as an allowance for ad hoc repairs.

Applying is simple:

  1. Fill out the online application form - it's quick and it's easy and will only take about two minutes to complete.

  2. Your application then goes to Aqua¿s credit review team. Providing you can afford the repayments they¿'ll then guarantee approval of your loan and let you know how much you can borrow and the deposit required.

Once approved, head down to your local branch to choose a car!

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