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How to change car ownership

9 years ago

There are two ways to change ownership of a car:Change Ownership

We recommend doing it online because it's quicker and you have less chance of being landed with the other person's fines.

If you are the seller it's free!  The buyer has to pay $9.00 whether they do it online or offline.

Below is a summary of what you'll need.

I'm Selling:

  • your New Zealand driver licenceDrivers Licence
  • the plate number of the vehicle you have sold
  • the full name and full address of the person (or company) you sold the vehicle to.


I'm Buying:

  • your New Zealand driver licence
  • the plate number of the vehicle you have bought
  • a valid credit card (the fee is $9.00 (incl GST)


Don't have a credit card?  Don't worry; the NZTA offer a bank transfer facility.

If you are buying a car and haven't checked for money owing etc. we recommend that you get an instant VIR for peace of mind. 

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