BT-50 GLX D/C W/S 3.2D/6MT
Goods van/truck/utility
Utility | Grey | Manual 6 speed | 3,198cc | Diesel
Vehicle Information Report
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LRN984 - 2018 Mazda Bt-50

Money owing?

This is something you can't tell from just looking at a vehicle, but a Vehicle Information Report will give you peace of mind that you're buying the right car.
Don't buy a lemon
Why get a report?
Did you know that one in three vehicles we check has money owing, an inconsistent odometer or is reported stolen? If you buy a car without getting a full history check you run the risk of it being repossessed or being worth far less than what you paid for it.
What's in a report?
In just 15 seconds, we will undertake a comprehensive vehicle history check within New Zealand that will alert you to important information such as hidden debts, inconsistent odometer readings or if the vehicle is reported stolen.