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What we offer

1. The Vehicle Information Report™

New Zealand's leading vehicle history check.

In just 15 seconds, we will undertake a comprehensive vehicle history check within New Zealand that will alert you to important information such as hidden debts, inconsistent odometer readings or if the vehicle is reported stolen.

Any problems that are uncovered are clearly identified in the VIR® with comprehensive, yet simple explanations and advice for you to discuss with the seller before any money changes hands.

We're so sure of our VIR® service that we have $100,000 Repossession Guarantee!

2. Free Seller Check™

Checking the seller is as important as checking the car.

A seller may give you false details if they are not the "registered person" (you may be dealing with a stolen vehicle), or if they don't want you to come knocking on their door if there are future problems with the vehicle.

We'll check with the Government to see if the seller's licence is valid and try to confirm if they are the "registered person" of the motor vehicle

You will need to obtain the seller's licence details so that we can carry out this check.

A Seller Check™ with every VIR® purchased.

3. Pre-Purchase Inspection (optional)

Book a Mechanical Pre-Purchase Inspection from just $99 with My Auto Shop

My Auto Shop will send an experienced inspector direct to the vehicle. They'll complete a thorough assessment of the engine, undercarriage, suspension, braking & electrical systems to give you peace of mind you're buying a great car.

You can also add extras such as:

  • Detailed Interior & Exterior Inspection
  • Computer Diagnostic Scan
  • Relative Compression test
  • Hybrid Battery test

The interactive, digital report will be sent immediately to your email address once complete. Check out an example.

4. Free Purchase Agreement

If the VIR® highlights any issues, you can protect yourself by adding clauses to the Purchase Agreement with a single click. It's that simple!

Receive a free personalised Purchase Agreement with every VIR®.