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The Vehicle Information Report™

What is the VIR™?

The Vehicle Information Report™ is the most comprehensive vehicle history check in New Zealand. Available on-line and over the phone, the VIR provides you with a clear picture of the vehicle's legal status and history.

What information is provided?

All vehicle information is thoroughly analysed and will automatically highlight an alert for any one of the 42 checks performed. From money owing to odometer fraud, a VIR gives you a clear picture of what you are buying, including:

  • Any money owing on the vehicle - Will you be inheriting someone else's debt? Is the vehicle about to be repossessed?
  • Whether the vehicle has been reported stolen - Is the vehicle stolen?
  • Any possibilities of odometer fraud - Have there been inconsistent readings or ever flagged by NZ customs as unreliable?
  • Whether the vehicle has ever been deregistered - Is the vehicle an insurance write-off?
  • Ownership history - Buying from the current owner? How many other owners? Is it an ex-rental?
  • Whether it is legally roadworthy - Has the WOF, registration/license, or diesel tax expired or is it due to expire?
  • Any history of water/fire damage - Has NZ customs deemed the vehicle to be water or fire damaged?
  • Fuel economy, safety and emissions ratings - How does the vehicle compare on these points? (for most late model light vehicles)

Does the VIR™ show all the problems that may exist with a vehicle?

No, there may be information that is not publicly or electronically available. As such all vehicle checking services (including the VIR) are unlikely to be able to provide:

  • any history of the vehicle while it was outside of New Zealand
  • any history of the vehicle prior to 1994/95 if the vehicle was not registered during the 1994/95 year
  • details of import damage if the vehicle has not been previously registered in NZ
  • accident, damage and repair history of the vehicle
  • all past odometer readings
  • a worker's lien on the vehicle that has not been registered with the Government
  • the actual LEGAL owner of the vehicle (only the registered owner is provided)
  • if the vehicle is stolen if it has not been reported stolen

Will the VIR always show if the odometer has been wound?

No, the VIR contains all odometer readings currently available from the NZTA, and analyses these for any inconsistent readings. However, some older vehicles have not had all their odometer readings recorded by the NZTA. And even though the VIR will identify if MAF deemed the odometer to have been tampered with, the VIR cannot directly determine if a vehicle's odometer was wound back prior to arriving in New Zealand. The VIR does everything it can to identify problems - but it cannot guarantee that the vehicle's odometer has not been wound.

Where does the information come from?

The information is sourced from several Government and private sector organisations, collated and analysed.

  • PPSR Personal Property Securities Register
  • NZTA New Zealand Transport Agency
  • NZ Police
  • MAF
  • VIR's own private database

How accurate is the information?

The information is sourced from several third party organisations in real time when you purchase a VIR. To the best of our knowledge, the information is correct at the time the VIR is generated.

Please note:

  • The information is only as accurate and up-to-date as what is held in the government databases.
  • The information should only be considered valid at the time the VIR was generated. Anything can happen after that.

Is this the same as all the other vehicle history reports?

NO, it's better. The VIR provides the most comprehensive report with 58 checks.

Past Plate Check™

A key point of difference is our 'Past Plate Check™'. Money owing on a vehicle is one of the most important checks when buying a used car. Finance companies will usually register their interest against the vehicle's registration plate, however the registration plates can be changed making the vehicle appear debt free when it is not. It is very important to check all past plates for hidden debts.

Past Plate Check™' checks for money owing on all previous registration plates, not just the current plate.

Clear Reporting

Explanations for each highlighted issue are also available and will advise the likely cause of the problem and actions you can take to fix it.

We also provide you with a unique reference number for each VIR that can be viewed online, forever at no extra cost to you.

The Leading Report for the Trade

The VIR is the leading report in the trade. Our business partners include GE, AA, MTA, VTNZ, Trade Me, Auto Trader as well as over 700 Registered Motor Vehicle Traders.

Does my VIR™ update over time?

No, VIR's are only valid at the time of issue.

Reports accessed through a reference number may be out of date due to subsequent changes made in the government databases. Think of it as a snapshot of the vehicle at the time of issue.

Is there a free number I can call to check for money owing on a vehicle?

No, the Government's AutoCheck Service ceased operations in 1999.

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Privacy and security

Is this a secure site?

To prevent unauthorised access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the privacy of your information, VIR has put into place physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to help safeguard and secure the information we collect on-line.

Since your credit card information is especially sensitive, we take special care to keep it secure. We only communicate this information over secure Internet connections, using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and security keys. This is the currently accepted standard for on-line security, and is used by the likes of banks, government agencies, etc.

Our privacy policy

We will never sell or otherwise divulge your personal information to a third party.

What personal information is collected?

For the purposes of purchasing a VIR, the visitor may supply the following information:

  • Credit card numbers: are used only to pay for the VIR and are not kept once the VIR has been generated.
  • Email, fax or postal addresses: will not be given to any third parties. This information is only used to deliver the VIR and other related services.

VIR does not collect any other personal information from you unless you provide it to us. So you can visit our site without telling us who you are or revealing any personally identifiable information about yourself.

Email marketing

When you generate a VIR report you will be given the option to receive information from VIR by e-mail about products, promotions or special offers which we feel may be of interest to you. In the event that you do not wish to be contacted for such purposes, ensure that you untick the appropriate box as you go through the registration process. You may unsubscribe from our contact list at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link contained within all emails or by telephoning us on 0800 843 847, 24 hours.

What anonymous information is collected?

Anonymous information is collected for every visitor to this site, on a page by page basis.

  • Pages viewed
  • Date and time
  • Browser type
  • IP address

This information is collected for the sole purpose of system diagnostics, statistics and dispute resolution. We do not make any association between this information and a visitor's identity.

Privacy legal disclaimer

We may disclose personal information when required by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary in order to conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on VIR.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact:

Chris Knight
General Manager
Phone: (09) 487 0090
Fax: (09) 487 0094
Email: chris@motorweb.co.nz

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Reference number

What is the Reference number?

The Reference number is a unique code assigned to each report. With this number you can view your reports on-line, forever, for free. You can share your report with any third party, anywhere in the world instantly, such as a vehicle dealer, finance company or bank.

How do I use it?

You can either enter it here...


or construct a URL like the following...

Where do I find it?

Look for the Reference number at the top right hand corner of your report You should see something like this:

Reference: 43888db2

What can I do with it?

There are several different ways you can use the Reference number:

  • Bookmark your report: When you are presented with your report on-line, bookmark that page to keep it for future reference.
  • Show your report to someone else: Send the URL or Reference number of your report to anyone you'd like to show it to. Whether to brag about your new car or provide information to a finance company.
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The VIR™ over the phone

What are your phone service numbers?

You can purchase the VIR over the phone using the following number:

  • 0800-THE VIR
  • 0800-843 847

When can I call these numbers?

Our call centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even on Public Holidays to check.

How much does the VIR cost?

The VIR costs NZ$ $19.95 including GST over the phone or NZ$ $19.95 including GST at https://www.motorweb.co.nz

How do I pay using the 0800 number?

You need a valid credit card (VISA, Master Card or American Express) to purchase a VIR on this number. Please have the following details ready for our operator:

  • Credit Card Number: 15 or 16 digits, located on the front of your card.
  • Expiry Date: MM/YY located below the Number.
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