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What is a VIR?

11 years ago

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VIR® stands for Vehicle Information Report. The VIR® is an instant online report used by car buyers to check for whether the vehicle has money owing, Sample Vehicle Information Report VIRan inconsistent odometer or is reported stolen?

If you buy a car without getting a VIR® you run the risk of it being repossessed or being worth far less than you paid for it.

MotorWeb conduct nearly half-a million VIRs every year.  Our VIR® is the most comprehensive report in New Zealand with over 70 checks, including safety and security information (where available). We can check all registered vehicles - cars, trucks, boat trailers, motorcycles and caravans.

In just 15 seconds, a VIR® will comprehensively check the vehicle's history within New Zealand alerting you to important information such as:

  • If the seller is the registered owner

  • If the vehicle is reported stolen

  • If there is money owing (because if there is, the vehicle could be repossessed)

  • If NZTA have flagged the vehicle as being a flood damaged import or having a wound back or tampered odometer

  • If there are outstanding Road User Charges

  • The vehicle's fuel economy ratings

  • And loads more!

The VIR® provides a full explanation of our findings and what you need to do about them, helping you to make a wise and safe purchase, before any money changes hands.

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