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1. When will I receive my report?

If you purchase the report online it will appear on your screen in less than 15 seconds. It will also be emailed to you.

If you purchase the report from our call centre (0800 843 847) your report will be read to you and then emailed.

2. Does the VIR® show all the problems that may exist with a vehicle?

No, there may be information that is not publicly or electronically available. The VIR® is unlikely to be able to show:

  • any history of the vehicle while it was outside of New Zealand
  • any history of the vehicle prior to 1994/95
  • details of import damage if the vehicle has not been previously registered in NZ
  • accident, damage and repair history of the vehicle
  • all past odometer readings
  • the registered owner's name if it is a private person
  • if the vehicle is stolen and has not been reported as stolen or if the police database link is down

3. Will the VIR® always show if the odometer has been wound?

No, the VIR® contains all odometer readings currently available from the NZTA, and analyses these for any inconsistent readings.

However, some older vehicles have not had all their odometer readings recorded by the NZTA. The VIR® will identify if NZTA deemed the odometer to have been tampered with but cannot directly determine if a vehicle's odometer was wound back prior to arriving in New Zealand. The VIR® does everything it can to identify problems - but it cannot guarantee that the vehicle's odometer has not been wound.

4. Where does the information come from?

The information is sourced from several government and private sector organisations, then collated and analysed.

  • PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register)
  • NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency)
  • NZ Police
  • MotorWeb's own private database

5. How accurate is the information?

The information is sourced from several third party organisations in real time when you purchase a VIR®.

To the best of our knowledge, the information is correct at the time the VIR® is generated.

Please note:

  • The information is only as accurate and up-to-date as what is held in the government databases.
  • The information should only be considered valid at the time the VIR® was generated. Anything can happen after that.

6. How does the VIR® differ from other vehicle history reports?

The VIR® is the most comprehensive vehicle history check on the market and the only vehicle check with a $100,000 Repossession Guarantee. Find out more

7. Does my VIR® update over time?

No, VIRs are only valid at the time of issue.

Reports accessed through a reference number may be out of date due to subsequent changes made in the government databases. Think of it as a snapshot of the vehicle at the time of issue.

8. Is there a free number I can call to check for money owing on a vehicle?

Not anymore, the Government's free calling number ceased operations in 1999.

VIR® over the phone

1. What number do I call

You can purchase a VIR® over the phone using the following number:

  • 0800 843 847

2. When can I call?

Our call centre is open 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

3. How much does a VIR® cost?

The VIR® costs $19.95 including GST over the phone or $19.95 including GST online.

4. How do I pay using the 0800 number?

You need a valid credit card (VISA, Master Card or American Express) to purchase a VIR® on this number. Please have the following details ready for our customer support representative:

  • card number: 15 or 16 digits, located on the front of your card.
  • date: MM/YY located below the Number.

Privacy and security

MotorWeb provides services to the public and the motor vehicle industry which deal with your personal information. This policy describes how we collect, store, use and disclose your information in carrying on our business.

1. Who is collecting your information?

MotorWeb is a business owned by Trade Me Limited. Your information is collected and held by Trade Me Limited when you use the MotorWeb service.

2. Security of your information.

MotorWeb holds your information at a data centre in Auckland. We use industry-standard security. We use SSL encryption for all of our payments.

3. What information is collected?

When you access the MotorWeb website we collect your IP address.

If you purchase a Vehicle Information Report we collect your email address and the registration number of the vehicle. We also collate the information contained in your Vehicle Information Report, including ownership information. We retain a copy of that report for audit purposes.

If you purchase a paid report, we collect your card details to process the payment. We retain your card details to process the payment, and subsequently to track any customer queries.

If other parties access information about you using our services (described in more detail below) then we will obtain a copy of that information about you in the course of providing those services.

If you request that we email you a report, we will collect and retain your email address. We will never send you spam.

We are owned by Trade Me Limited, and our systems connect to Trade Me’s systems. This allows us to display listing photos from Trade Me on our reports. For more information about this, have a read of Trade Me’s Privacy Policy.

4. Information on the register of motor vehicles

MotorWeb facilitates access to and transactions on the NZTA Motor Vehicle Register.

The Motor Vehicle Register contains ownership information for every registered vehicle in New Zealand.

For example, if you buy a car from a motor vehicle dealer that uses MotorWeb to complete the change of ownership transactions, your personal information (name, address, vehicle registration) will form part of that transaction.

Or, a vehicle you own (or owned in the past) is for sale, a prospective buyer may purchase a Vehicle Information Report from us which may contain your name and address as the registered owner or a previous owner.

Generally only Vehicle Information Reports issued to motor vehicle dealers contain private owner information.

5. Information about your driver’s licence

We provide a service on behalf of the NZTA to motor vehicle dealers which allows them to check the status of a driver’s licence, including when it expires and whether it is subject to any disqualification or suspension.

When motor vehicle dealers use this service, they must provide the licence details and certify that they have the consent of the licence-holder.

6. Information on the PPSR

We provide a service which allows motor vehicle dealers to check the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

The PPSR is a public register that holds information about securities held over personal property. For example, if you buy a motor vehicle with a loan the person who has loaned you the money can register a financing statement on the PPSR which means that if you default on the loan they can (usually) claim the vehicle. It is an offence to misuse access to the PPSR.

7. Disclosure of your information

We will disclose your information in the course of performing the vehicle transactions described above to the parties to those transactions.

We use third party web analytics tools common across the internet (for example, we use Google Analytics). These services use cookies and local storage to track users across the web. Other than placing a cookie on your browser, we do not provide any of your information to such third party services. Here is some information from Google about how Google Analytics safeguards your data.

Where MotorWeb uses third parties to undertake services, we may provide those third parties with some of your information if it is required to fulfil those services. For example, we use third party software (such as customer relationship management and marketing automation software) that holds your information, sometimes overseas. We require any third party to undertake strict precautions to protect your information against unauthorised use or disclosure.

Otherwise, we only disclose your information when required by law.

8. Concerned about your privacy?

You are welcome to contact us directly about any privacy-related matter at:

Reference number

1. What is the Reference number?

The Reference number is a unique code assigned to each report. With this number you can view your reports online, for free. You can share your report instantly with any third party, such as a vehicle dealer, finance company, or bank.

2. Where do I find it?

Look for the Reference number at the top left hand corner of the report. You should see something like Reference: 43888db2 at the location indicated by the arrow:

Reference number

3. How do I use the Reference number?

Type a URL like the following into the address bar of your browser to find your report:[enter reference number here]

Explanation of alerts and cautions