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Damaged import

Below is a list of alerts relating to vehicle licensing and registration.

1. Imported as a damaged vehicle

This alert means the vehicle was imported into New Zealand with obvious damage or deterioration. This alert will not appear if the vehicle simply had dents to some of its body panels, the vehicle must be significantly damaged.

We recommend that you have the vehicle inspected to ensure the damage is not going to affect the safety and operation of the vehicle (eg. wheel alignment and steering).

2. Possibly water or fire damaged import

This vehicle has been identified by the NZTA border check as likely to have been damaged by water or fire.

The NZTA strongly advises buyers to have these vehicles thoroughly checked by an independent vehicle inspector prior to purchase.

Components like seat belts, seat belt pre-tensioners, airbags and certain electrical systems including associated wiring are likely to need replacing in order to bring these vehicles to a safe standard as required by New Zealand law.

You may even need to get this vehicle certified before it can be registered.