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Wound odometer?

Below is a list of alerts relating to a wound odometer.

1. Inconsistent odometer readings - possibly around-the-clock, wound-back or human error

The vehicle's odometer readings appear to go backwards (a later odometer reading is lower than a previous odometer reading).

Some possibilities for this could include:

  • The odometer has gone 'around-the-clock' and reset back to zero.
  • The odometer may have been tampered with and manually wound-back by someone trying to misrepresent the vehicle.
  • The odometer has been replaced due to a mechanical fault.
  • An odometer reading has been incorrectly entered into government records eg. during a WOF inspection.

Our recommendations

If you suspect the odometer reading has been incorrectly recorded you need to provide proof i.e. the last WOF test sheet.

Or, if you think the odometer has been tampered with we suggest you get an independent mechanical inspection.

2. Odometer is known to be unreliable

The NZTA or one of their agents, has physically inspected the vehicle's odometer and found that it has been tampered with. Contact the Transport Registry Center for more details on 0800 108 809.

Our recommendation

We recommend that you (the buyer) obtain an independent mechanical inspection before purchasing the vehicle.